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*Bae groaned reaching over to smack at his alarm clock not ready to get up and face another day full of lies. He sighed finally forcing himself to sit up and get out of bed. On his way to his shower he caught his reflection in the mirror and stopped in his tracks to look. A low growl tore it's way out of his throat as he fought the urge to punch the mirror. He hated his reflection knowing it didn't show who he really was. Youngbae was a Canis lupus hybrid but on the outside he looked human, that along with his forged papers allowed him to have a little bit more options then his fellow hybrids.

He took a deep breath to ground himself before heading for the shower he needed to hurry and get ready.*

Can't be late, can't draw attention to yourself.

*he mumbled biting back a whine when he stepped under the water spray. He quickly washed before stepping out and pulling on his Work clothes which were carefully chosen the day he had gotten his job to both showcase his muscles and make himself look bigger then he was. As a young man Bae had bounced around a few jobs before landing his current gig working as a bartender and bouncer. It was the best job for him while no one could tell he wasn't human his natural presence made both hybrids and humans weary of getting on his bad side.

Avoiding the mirror he scurried out of his apartment and into the cooling air. He stopped to sniff around making sure there was no trouble before making his way to work. As he clocked in and grabbed his apron he nodded at his boss in greeting before taking his place behind the bar. He couldn't stop the smirk on his face as he started to prepare for the crowds. He was itching for a fight and part of him was hoping someone would be dumb enough to cause trouble.*

(Hope this is okay I'm half asleep lol)
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