Date: 2017-06-18 04:00 am (UTC)
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[:3 it's great, I like it.]

*A long, tiring day over, Jiwon stretched his limbs and flicked his tail, quickly shedding the protective work clothes as he pulled on his street clothes and sprayed some cologne on himself to get the smell of bleach off of him. His friend slung an arm around him and they headed off to the closest bar that allowed hybrids on the premesis. The owner was a decent person and just requested that they didn't cause trouble, which Jiwon did his best not to.*

'I wonder if they'll have that hot bartender there this time. He seemed interesting. You know, the one you have the hots for and never have the courage to talk to? Remember him, Bobby?'

*Jiwon flushed darkly and batted at his friend who just laughed at him as he pouted.*

Shut the fuck up, man. I do not have a crush...

*He said as he followed his friend into the bar. The music was loud to his pierced ears, making them push back slightly from sensitivity as he gave off a friendly aura. Panthera pardus didn't have a good reputation, so he did his best to look as non-threatening as possible.*

*They walked up to the bar and Jiwon took his spot on a stool as his friend sat next to him, ordering them a couple of beers. He was looking around the room, bobbing his head to the music as the tender got them their drinks. He looked over and saw who the tender was that night and flushed as he ducked his head, smacking his snickering friend who was getting amusement out of his suffering.*
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