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 *Shrill sounds of an alarm pierced the quiet and still dark room, drawing a groan from under the covers that a figure was so contently wrapped under. The ragged and lumpy blankets moved and protested heavily, sagging in defeat when an arm reached out and silenced the alarm. Sitting up, the half toned haired male yawned and stretched, pouting at the time.*

*He hated waking up this early for his shitty job in this crummy city barely making enough to live without having to look for an owner. That was one thing he was never going to do. His ears twitched and he shook his head as he got up from the bed and set to getting ready for work. It was some factory job that employed his kind, with hardly any pay though.*

*Grumbling softly, he pulled his clothes on and shoes on at the door before heading out, ruffling his hair and stroking the fur down on his tail before heading out. He found it hard to find work anywhere else, what with his full breed status and having come from a village of free hybrids of wild animals. People feared they could go feral at any minute, but it was untrue. His kind was treated harsher because of this and had stricter laws in place. He tugged at the collar around his neck, red tag to shoe his status and danger if he went feral.*

*When he got to work, he clocked in and pulled on the protective gear for work and started his shift. It was a recycling plant and he worked in the sorting area, sorting out the different types of containers and getting the mess all over him. He had dreams and aspirations, but he never thought he would end up like this, stuck in this life and unable to go back home. His village was assimilated into the city and left abandoned. At least he had friends at work that weren't afraid of him.*

Hey, Hanbin, we still going for drinks?

'Sure, just don't scare off any good looking guys this time.'

*Laughing at his friends words, he shook his head and smiled. The poor bird hybrid got scared after seeing his collar. He should have expected it, Petroica rodinogaster was usually a flighty type of hybrid.*

I promise I won't scare anyone off, but you know bird types are flighty and scare easily.

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They will find you and drag you back. We both know that.

*he turned his head looking at the boy sadness and loneliness showing clearly on his face. He was tired of all the bull shit, but he felt like he had no right to complain about it.*

There is a rebellion brewing and it is going to be very bloody no one is going to win. The news is just making it all worse.

*he eyed the tag around the boy's neck taking another cigarette out of his coat pocket.*

There is a group that helps get people to safe territories but I can't take you to them with that on. He locked eyes with the boy there honestly wasn't much Bae could do to help his kind.*

I'm sorry to say but your only option for a better life is to find someone who won't abuse you and offer yourself as a pet. They will take the tag off you if you are property.

*he lit the cigarette taking a hit blowing the smoke up towards the moon.*

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I was born showing no outward signs of being a hybrid. My mother risked her life to get me papers showing I'm human.

*he sighed he had thought about offering but they would both be put to death if Bae was found out.*

Dong Youngbae

*he stuffed out his second cigarette before finally looking at the boy again his mind made up.*

Well then I guess you flirted with the right human passing Canis lupus then didn't you?

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She is

*He agreed letting the boy shake his hand. He chuckled and shrugged at the flirting comment.*

I've never really flirted with someone before, can't flirt when nothing can come from it. Can't have sex without revealing what I am.

*He stood up from the swing and looked down at the boy.*

If you are offering yourself to me a pet I will accept. You'll have to live with me but I don't expect you do to anything besides keep me company.

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It's not a perfect plan I know.

*he shrugged acting like it was no big deal but he knew as a hidden hybrid he was taking more risk doing this. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before shaking his head.*

I can see if the boss has any work for you, I don't want your money though. Eventually things are going to change you should save it for the future.

*he dug a piece of paper out of his pocket writing his number down before handing it over.*

Think it over this isn't a decision to make lightly.

Date: 2017-06-19 12:56 am (UTC)
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*Bae was silent as he thought about it he had almost left when he met up with the group. He looked up at the moon again thinking about the reason he had stuck around so much.*

It depends on how bad things get l, I made a promise to myself that I would repay my mother's sacrifice by giving as many of our kind as possible the chance she gave me. You know other hybrids will see me as a human and not trust me right?

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Human's and hybrids both instinctively know to stay away from me.

*He looked back at the boy with a shrug he didn't care what really made people avoid him. He shoved his hands in his pockets knowing he was going to have to leave soon so no one happened to see them and get suspicious.*

Sounds nice I like open places like that even though I've lived in the city my whole life. It's not but it's hard to help without drawing attention to what you are doing.

*he looked back to the bar before looking at the boy.*

I need to go before anyone sees us here, but if you take my offer I request you don't get mad or take anything I have to say to the humans to get that tag off you personally.

*he locked eyes with the boy for a moment before turning and walking away.*

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*Bae went through his days making sure he had everything he needed if the boy accepted his offer. After a few days he was wondering if he was wasting his time.

He was laying in bed enjoying his day off when his phone rang. He grabbed it frowing when he saw the unknown number. He bit his lip hoping it was bobby but keeping the hope out of his voice as he finally answered.*


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*Bae listened quietly smiling to himself at the boy's words. He was relieved he had made up his mind. He waited until bobby was done before speaking himself.*

I was starting to think you weren't going to take my offer. I think as soon as possible so I can get my parts filled out. I'm off tonight I don't know where you live but we can maybe meet up somewhere or you can come over.

*he sat up knowing he'd have to change his clothes quickly.*

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I'll meet you there.

*Bae answered before hanging up and quickly pulling on a tshirt and par of shirts. He ran his fingers through his hair to settle it down a bit. He grabbed his keys and wallet taking off towards the address he had been given. When he arrived he stepped in looking around for bobby.*

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*Bae turned startled when someone touched him he had caught a wiff of the boy's scent so he didn't try to hit him. He followed the boy over to the table sitting down across from him. He nodded as he started to go through the papers reading through them getting ready to fill in his info.*

We will be living closer to this place once you move in with me.

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That's really sweet.

*Bae looked up at the waitress giving her a friendly smile as he picked up the pen.*

Just some tea please

*he requested before going back to reading starting to fill in his information. He looked up when he mentioned lyrics.*

Are you a singer?

*he asked curiously as he took out his wallet taking out his ID card so he could finish the papers.*

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*Bae thanked her taking a sip before going back to finish the paperwork.*

I'd like to see you perform someday I had a friend who I used to watch battle rap.

*Bae looked at the section reading over it with a slight worried look on his face. He looked up at the younger boy as he leaned back against his seat a bit.*

i don't know how I'll react to your heat my nose is very sensitive. I'll do my best to keep control though.

*he ran a hand through his hair this was going to be a hard test for both of them. He wrote down the last bits of his info before sliding the papers back over to jiwon.*

Also please don't spray any strong smelling cologne's or air freshener's outside of your room. They irritate my nose too much.

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*Bae beamed at him happy to have another friend who would take him to places like that. He took a sip of his tea shaking his head, he would be too worried to have the boy spending his heat in a place where anyone could get to him.*

I'll make sure your bedroom door is reinforced it already has a lock on it.

*he bit his lip looking down at the table as he played nervously with the

I don't want you to be afraid of me. I can control myself I know I can, i don't want you to have to leave...

*he said lowly as he looked up at the boy, he was a man of his word and would not touch his new roommate. Even if that meant locking himself in his bedroom he would do it.*

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